Dear all,

Welcome to our school.


Wuxi United International School (WUIS) was founded by the Shanghai Xiehe Education Group as the first Xiehe school outside of Shanghai. It consists of Kindergarten, Primary School and International Secondary School providing an international program based on the integration of progressive Chinese and Western cultures.
These past few years ,student’s number have increased to more than 1000 together with over 200 staff and teachers. WUIS’s goal is to lead to a firmer foundation in education, help further develop students’ personality and character, and become global citizens of tomorrow’s world with respect for individuality and difference who have the courage to shape their international future.
Besides providing the curriculum, we always consider that it is the responsibility of the school and the parents together to help develop “Human beings” for the future world. Huge changes are taking place in our life which requires modern education to face the future more urgently than before. Our education not only provides the skills and the ability for students to understand and solve all kinds of challenges in the real world in 15 years or more, but also to shape a person’s quality and accomplishment.

In WUIS, student’s growth processes and experience cannot conclude with simple words and pictures,

These growth experiences include but are not limited to:

The feeling of becoming a part of the school.

The experience of becoming a member of a family while staying in the dorm.

The preparation and use different ways to express themselves.

Organized activities in school, local field trips and foreign adventure opportunities.

Proactively taking a lead in the pastoral side of the school.

Listening and participating in the Lunch time Concerts.

Participating in sports teams.

Being active participants in class.

Volunteering as prefects, student council leaders or school ambassadors.

School is a place for students to gain confidence through a variety of activities and situations when students leave school, through challenging themselves beyond what they had already known and with this curiosity and an open mind, they become more interesting, more independent and a more capable, balanced individuals.
Here, we hope every student will get the ability to have a happy life when he graduates from our school, able to reach their true potential, and this is the goal that all our staff and teachers keep pursuing.


Angel Lin


Angel Lin