School bus Service

Transportation will be provided to Wuxi United International School students living within reasonable distance from school. At the beginning of every semester, the school bus routes will be based on the specific number of applicants. School bus service is self selection. Because of the distance, direction and traffic problems, school may not provide some shuttle service in some places.
Transportation arrangements need five days to finalize. Please submit a transportation request five days prior to beginning of service.
School bus fees must be settled along school fees according to our school fee notes or invoices. Fees must be settled before a child uses the service.
In order to ensure the vehicle security and no violation of the conditions, school will decide the site. There may be different on site and off site. Picking-up and dropping-off will be arranged near a child’s home or compound. In certain areas where certain children live very close together a convenient location will be set for all to use. For students living very far from school parents may be asked to transport the children to and from designated pick-up and drop-off areas.
The school bus will wait no more than TWO minutes at each point to ensure arrival at school and back home on time for all students. Ensure that students arrive at the appointed place on time. Do students waiting for the bus.
Parents must arrange supervision at the picking-up/dropping-off point and must make sure that the child is safe. In case a child is not picked up on time the school bus will bring the child back to school where the parents must come and pick the child up.
School bus schedules might be influenced by traffic, city events or accidents. The school and school bus monitored will keep parents informed.
Update the telephone or mobile phone number, to ensure the contact among bus director ,bus mommy and parents.
Parents are encouraged to keep in contact with school bus monitors in case buses are late.
Please inform the school in writing of any changes in your transportation request. In case you are adjusting your child’s schedule for one day please inform the school office in writing.