Our aim is to provide a safe home away from home for our students. We are dedicated to a stimulating and positive character-building education, devoted to the best student pastoral support, and promoting the values of…


  • Responsibility
  • Self-discipline and self-improvement
  • Mutual understanding and respect
  • A positive attitude when faced with new challenges



– Boarding staff must know where you are at all times.  You must ask for permission from the Dorm Teacher  or from the Head of Boarding  if you need to leave the Boarding House momentarily.  In the case of a student missing for more than 30 minutes we will be obliged to let the parents ,  the school authorities  and Internal security know about it and then it is likely that  we would also inform the local police authorities if the boarder cannot be found. If you are involved in an evening activity you must be supervised by a staff member. Dorm Tutors will check the activity lists.


– Electric blankets, electric kettles are not allowed in the boarding house. Any electronic item ( like air purifiers, blow dryer) must be switched off when you leave the room.


– Report any item that could be a threat to the boarders safety ( exposed live wire, faulty electrical plug, broken ladder from a bed…) to your Boarding Tutor for prompt action.


– Any dangerous items ( cutters, pocket knives, water guns, nunchakus etc…) are prohibited in the hostels. The use of small work out equipment ( small weights) are conditioned to a parental  approval to be handed out to the Head of Boarding.




You are not allowed to leave the Boarding House or the School premises without a CHECK OUT FORM  duly signed by your  Homeroom Teacher with the signature of Co-Heads of Boarding after Head of Secondary approval, or by the School Nurse. You must organize for the Check Out Form during school time before 4.30 pm. The Co-Heads of Boarding will sign a Check Out Form only on special occasions




Report any maintenance job or broken items  that you can see in your room, in the shower, in the toilet  or in the Boarding house to your Dorm Teacher  for prompt action.



 Only light snacks are allowed in the Boarding House. Boarders are not allowed to eat junk food ( like Noodles) in the Dorm.


– Boarders are not allowed to order food from outside the campus. It will be confiscated.


– Boarders who wish to make a Birthday party for themselves or for a friend must prepare a list of participants and obtain approval  from the Co-Heads of Boarding via the Dorm Tutor


– Boarders are not allowed to sell food in the Boarding House without the express permission of the Co-Heads of Boarding  ( tuckshop, CAS activity, Business Club).


Boarding Snack shop ( Boarding House first floor common room) opening times:

Monday and Wednesday : Grades 6,7,8  Boarders -> 7:00 pm – 7:55 pm

Tuesday and Thursday: Grades 9, 10, 11,12 Boarders-> 7:00 pm – 7:55 pm

–  School Food  cannot  be taken out of the SCHOOL CANTEEN, particularly during evening snacks.





Boarders are not allowed to have  mobile phones or MP3 Players in the Dorm. They must hand their mobile phone to the Dorm Tutor on Sunday evening when they report back to the dorm.  On Monday morning the Dorm Tutors will then hand over the phones to the Pastoral Co-Ordinator and /or Homeroom Teachers. Only grade 11 & Grade 12 Boarders are allowed to use a mobile phone.



Any mobile phone confiscated during the week in the Boarding House will be handed over to the Pastoral Co-ordinator. Sanctions enunciated in the School STUDENT HANDBOOK will then apply.



The Boarding House has 2 mobile phones that can be used by boarders between 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm to call their parents for a school or boarding matter.  Such calls will be logged in. As a reminder the school has a boarding landline that parents can call every school day between 2.00pm and 3.00pm. The number is: 88537722


Grades 12,  11 and 10 students are allowed to have a laptop computer in the Boarding House and in their room. Grades 9 & 8 boarders may use their computer during half of their supervised classroom studies (Only for study). They may also use it in the dorm between 7.00 pm and 7.55 pm during free time supervised by your dorm dutor. They must hand it over to the Dorm Tutor before Personal Studies. Grade 8 & 9  boarders are not allowed to use their computer on Sunday evening when reporting to the Boarding House.





The Boarding House will take no responsibility for the loss of money or any valuable item. Boarders should lock their money or items in their room cupboard, or hand them over to their Boarding Tutor. The Boarding House has a safe to keep such items. Any loss must be reported to the Boarding Tutor. Boarders are advised not to bring a big amount of cash.





Boarding Tutors will conduct Room inspections every 2 week with no specific day. They will then fill a fortnightly report that will feature in your fortnightly school report. Therefore it is important that you are ALWAYS particularly attentive to the following points:


-Room tidiness

– Following Boarding Staff instructions

– Punctuality

– Private Studies

– Contribution to the Boarding House and supporting each other.

Each category  is graded from 1 (poor) to 4 (excellent).







Full school Uniform is worn from Monday to Friday whilst at school, and when travelling to and from school. Failure to do so is dealt initially by withholding of rewards, contacting parents or students being removed from the school community until full uniform is worn. If your child is out of uniform, please ensure that he/she is provided with a note that gives the school the reason and the date by which time your child is back in full uniform.


GIRL’s Uniform:


Skirt ,pale blue long/shirt sleeved shirt, V-neck pullover, trousers, blazer, a tie, a winter coat, black shoes ( no white soles or sneakers) and black boots in winter. No bright trousers or trims. No clothing that is not school issued uniform.


BOY’s Uniform:

Trousers, shorts, pale blue long/ short- sleeved shirt, V-neck pullover, blazer, sweatshirt jacket, a tie, a winter coat, black shoes ( no white soles or sneakers) and black boots in winter. No bright colours or trims. No clothing that is not school issued uniform.




Short or long-sleeved polo shirt, shorts, jogging pants, jacket, and black sports shoes.


A school uniform inspection will be conducted every morning by the Boarding staff. Boarders expose themselves to an evening detention ( losing their free time) if they fail to wear the appropriate uniform. Homeroom Teachers may also send them back to the dorm during Homeroom time ( 8.00-8.20 am).


Wear your uniform with pride!




As we are a Big Family, Boarders are expected to have mutual respect with roommates and show respect  to the Boarding staff to make life easy for everyone, and build up a nice family atmosphere where each individual member fulfills  his/her  talents and grows with the support and comfort of the Boarding Community. Co-operate with boarding staff.



  • As a Team,  Boarding staff, the Co-Heads of Boarding,  the Secondary Boarding Co-Ordinator, the Boys and Girls Boarding Co-Ordinators, Homeroom Teachers , the Pastoral Co-Ordinators and Heads of school collaborate with each other with the Boarders welfare at heart.
  • When boarding rules are broken, Boarding Tutors will first give the Boarders a verbal warning.
  • If problems occur again  then the Boarding Tutors will write a CAUSE FOR CONCERN  form and discuss the matter with the Secondary Boarding Co-Ordinator and Head of Boarding. They will then take action ( usually  the  Co -Heads of Boarding have a meeting with the Boarder, and it could lead to a withdrawal of free time privilege,  or a Boarding Detention ( from 7 to 8 pm). At this stage the Co- Heads of Boarding communicate with the Homeroom teacher ( who may inform the parents)  and the Pastoral  Co-Ordinator.


  • If the problem persists, the Boarding Tutor, with the Co- Heads of Boarding , place the Boarder on BOARDING MONITORING REPORT. Every day the report is given to the Homeroom Teacher and Pastoral Co-Ordinator. The Homeroom Teacher sends the daily reports to parents. If there is no improvement after 2 weeks, then the Head of Boarding , Pastoral Co-Ordinator  and Head of School meet to discuss further action ( which is likely to be a Boarding suspension).


  • INCIDENT REPORT: If a serious incident takes place in the Boarding House, the Boarding Tutor submits an INCIDENT REPORT to the Head of Boarding who then discusses it directly with the Pastoral Co-Ordinator and the Head of school to decide on a course of action.


  • SUMMARY:  – verbal warning àcause for concern à boarding monitoring reportà suspension…


  • Please note that any student on School Monitoring Report will have to present it to the Boarding Tutor in the evening for completion.
  • Evening Detention for recurrent non respect of school uniform / noise makers / disturbance during Private Studies and after lights out / lateness for breakfast / skipping an ECA 2 or ECA 3 Detention (7.05 – 8.00 pm).


For low level offences Dorm Tutors are entitled to give their own sanctions like isolating boarders who disturb too much, or doing some small community works




  • For each Fortnightly inspection and report,  1 girl room and 1 boy room will be rewarded with 5 Housepoints, together with 1 boy or 1 girl from each year group (2 Housepoints).


  • Merits will be awarded for monthly winners or Assembly Certificates  winners)


  • The Boarding House is looking at developing the Reward system  for consistent good conduct in various fields ( Cup for the best room that is awarded each month, and other trophies for consistent excellence in Private Studies, possible food treats,  and Assembly rewards).




  • Keep up with your good respect of timing:


 Breakfast: from 7:20 to 7:50 am ( lateness to Homeroom time     will be sanctioned by Homeroom Teachers). All Boarders must be out of the Boarding House by 7:45 am

– Dinner: all boarders MUST report to the Canteen at 5:30pm   (Boarders who are not reporting to Dinner will be given a Detention).

– Private Studies: 8:00pm. Make sure that you stay in your room and ready for 1 hour of self- study / reading.  Get what you need (water, books) for 8 pm to avoid disturbing others.

 Lights out:No noise makers/ distubance



Secondary Dormitory Schedule

6:00 – 7:00

Morning exercise


Get up WashHousekeeping




Homeroom time


ECA2 (Extra-Curriculum Activities 2)




Study time in the Homeroom


ECA 3/Evening Snacks/ Games/ Free Time / Inter-House activities/Evening Detention


Private Study in the Dorm room


Shower and quiet time


Lights out G6,G7,G8,G9


Light Off G10/G11/G12


Primary Dormitory schedule
06:30-07:20 Get up、wash、house keeping
07:20-07:50 Breakfast
07:50-08:00 Homeroom time
17:20-17:50 Dinner
17:50-18:50 Evening study
18:50-19:45 Back to dorm room/shower/house keeping
19:45-20:00 Evening Snack
20:00-20:30 Preparation for bed/reading
20:30-06:30 Light off/Sleeping time




         1、Free Time


Boarding Entertainments



7:00 pm – 8:00pm

Gym Optional
music facilities Optional
Cafe and snack area Optional
Television /Video rooms Optional
Reading area Optional
Inter-House competitions



As part of the IB CAS programme Grade 11 and Grade 12 students, with the help of the House Co-Ordinators, will run an Inter House programme in the Boarding House during the 7.00 to 8.00 pm time.

  2、Noise Level

As you are part of the Boarding Community you must keep the noise level as low as possible.




  • On Friday morning you must have packed your luggage to go home and bring it to your homeroom classroom.  You are not allowed to return to the Boarding House at Lunchtime on that day unless you have special permission form the Co- Head of Boarding.
  • Your phone will be returned by your homeroom Teacher at school on Friday.

–     When you return to the Boarding House on Sunday it must be done after 6.00pm. If you need to collect an item from school you must seek permission from your Dorm Tutor. You must be in your dorm at 9.00pm and stay in. Parents are requested to leave the Boarding House by 8.30 pm.

  • During the school week, access to the Boarding House is not allowed during the school day, unless you have a special permission from the Co-Head of Boarding.

Boarding Policy on Parents’ visits to the Dormitory areas

  • Sunday evening Boarders reporting: Reporting time for Primary and Secondary Boarders is between 6.00 pm and 9.00 pm. Parents are expected to park outside the school premises. Boarding time is crucial for the good installation of boarders. As a consequence parents are expected to leave the Boarding House by 8.30 pm.
  • Friday departure: for Primary and Secondary boarders parents will be allowed in the boarding house between 2.15 pm and 3.30 pm. Boarding doors will be closed after 3.30 pm.
  • Boarding parents bringing students back on Monday morning will drop them at the gate.
  • Any Items that Primary or Secondary Boarders might need during the week must be dropped at the school boarding gate for collections. Boarders must make sure that they bring what they need for the week on Sunday evening.
  • Any parental visit during the week should be organized with the homeroom teacher or the Co-Heads of Boarding.  Arranged visiting time will only take place on Tuesday evening from 7.00 pm until 8.00 pm.
  • Parents coming to the dorm without prior arrangement must wait at the Boarding gate or main gate for a Dorm Tutor to come and attend to him /her.
  • It is in the interest of our boarders that they emerge themselves totally into boarding life. Parental visits can be detrimental to a good settling in particularly for new boarders

Boarding lift

  • The use of the lift by boarders is only allowed on Sunday evenings, on Friday after schooland on the last day of school before holidays.






The boarding management will inform you of any change taking place in the course of the year.