What’s Psychological Consultation?


Sometimes, everything is going smoothly, but sometimes,  we may suffer a lot of reverses, such as relationship problems, emotion problems, education problems and learning problems etc.  problem itself is not the problem, the problem is how to cope with these problems.  Sometimes, we solve the problem in a incorrect way, and it makes the situation even worse. The psychological consultant’s job is to discuss with you about the following three questions:

→ Why does the problem become worse?

→ Why do you choose a incorrect way to deal with the problem?

→ How can we try a new way to deal with the problem?



Our Service


1、Learning problems

Students don’t know learning aims, learning methods, how to overcome the interference inside and outside,and don’t have confidence in learning.

–>help students find their learning aims and methods, enhance their self-control and management, and boost their learning confidence.


2、Relationship problems

There is no healthy and good relationship with their parents, teachers, classmates and friends, and they can’t get essential support about learning, emotion and life from around people.–>help students build up good relationship.


3、Behavior problems

Frequently violate the classroom and dormitory’s rules, cut class and homework, take part in fight and damage, addition to mobile and PC game and interfere with their learning.

–>help students control their problem behavior and replace it with correct behavior.


4、Emotional problems

The negative emotions resulting from learning, relationship and life, such as depression, anxiety, fear, obession, senseless, and problems caused by negative emotions, such as learning anxiety, sleep problems and social anxiety.

–>help students manage their emotion and related issues.


5、Self development

The selection of future development, self assessment, self perception, existential anxiety etc.

–>help students find their needs, advantages, and shape the correct self consciousness.


6、Other problems

The serious mental health issues, problems that may demage other students’ benefit or physical and mental health.

–>preliminary assessment and then referral to professional  mental health agency to further diagnosis and treat.


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