Canteen eating management system


In order to strengthen canteen eating management, keep eating in order, create a warm ,healthy and clean canteen environment and make students feel at home, we specially put forward the following canteen management system.


1.Canteen provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for staff and students. Timetable is as follows:



Lunch: Primary 11:30-12:00,Secondary 12:20-13:00

Supper:  Primary 17:20-18:00,Secondary 17:30-18:00

Lower school teachers




Secondary teachers:




Admin staff:






2.Please follow the meal timetable seriously, no earlier or later. Canteen will not provide food beyond the stated meal time. Any special needs or cases, please inform   Grace Wu two days earlier through teaching staff.

3.Maintain eating order consciously. Wait in line to get the meal patiently and politely. No jumping the queue, or shouting etc.

4.Keep eating manners. No scrambling or running. Keep quiet when eating.Only one meal one time. Don’t be picky. No waste. Advocate thrift and eat-up. Dishes except the main meat can be added if not enough.

5.Keep environment clean when eating. Clear the table used after eating on time. Don’t leave waste or rubbish on the table. Take care of the table ware, and put them in the specified place. Don’t damage the tableware.

6.Respect the canteen staff. Advice or suggestions can be put forward politely through teachers. No quarreling , abusing or even fighting.

7.This system will be set up by the date of execution.




Wuxi Xiehe United International School

Sep 2017