Introduction of University Guidance Counseling Office


The University Guidance Counseling Office, in conjunction with the mission of the Wuxi United International School and its academic focus, aims to create the best match between students and colleges. Students provide the preliminary information while parents, family, faculty, and the college counselors join in with their own input. Taking this into account, counselors attempt to include of a variety of components in the college search:  location, curriculum, the arts, the culture and character of the institution, as well as size and demographics. Our primary goal is to locate a college or university where the particular WUIS student will find both happiness and success in his or her years after WUIS.




  1.  Connection with University Admission Officers

In order to enhance students understanding of various aspects of overseas universities, facilitating them to make university choices, the university guidance counselors at WUIS lead students to participate in off-campus University Fairs twice a year. Meanwhile, they invite university admission officers to visit our school, deliver university admission sessions and face-to-face communicate with students and parents, which gives students and parents easier access to the information about university environment, major and program settings, admission requirements, career planning, graduates distribution, and other teaching and learning facilities.


  1. Coordination withDPC

Co-ordinate with DPC to act as a bridge to the academic team to work collaboratively


3.Communication with Parents

Parents will also be invited to participate throughout the college application process. They need to do the objective evaluation of students’ present situation and personal goals, keep up-to-date with and promote their situation. On the other hand, the university guidance counselors will keep close communication with parents, and promote the effective communications between parents and students, as well as students with subject teachers.



  1.  Counselingand Guidance for Students

University application preparation should start from Grade 9, including average academic grades, standardize tests, extracurricular activities and personality cultivation. The plan should be made based on students’ interests, as well as major and career goals.


In order to ensure students to smoothly step into IBDP study at Grade 11, IB coordinator at WUIS will organize IBDP Orientation at the second semester of Grade 10, where the university guidance counselors are also invited to share with the parents and students the key points, admission requirements and procedures pertaining to university application, as well as the principles of IB subject choices based on the framework of university major choices.


One-to-one university guidance will start when students enter Grade 11 and run through the entire university application journey. University guidance counselors encourage students to keep an open mind and positive attitude throughout the process, learn to set goals, identify true interests, and accomplish all the university applications independently, thus laying a solid foundation to make reasonable choices with absolute confidence in their further education.


At the same time, the university guidance counselors will combine the students’ interests, personal goals with the actual situation properly to lend advice and guidance, which includes choosing the fit countries, universities and major, preparing application supporting materials, submitting applications, and reminding students of finishing next steps after enrolment.


According to students overall performances at school, university guidance counselors will assist students to create university list and make preliminary decision by using university retrieval tools such as Naviance system. Meanwhile, they will suggest parents and students to visit and investigate universities on the list in summer or winter holiday, which helps them narrow the range of university choices and make more rational decisions.


In terms of how to choose major at college period, first of all, the university guidance counselors will offer reasonable suggestions on IB subjects choices on the strength of students’ academic interest and advantages. Meanwhile, they will guide those who have met certain admission requirements to apply for summer school. The two steps lay some groundwork for students to choose major at university. Secondly, combining with IB courses, students’ interests and needs, and employment trends, the university guidance counselors give suggestions and guidance on major choices, and help students to identify themselves, explore their special qualities and possibilities, as well as define their development goals.