Portrait of WUIS University Guidance Counseling Office (UGC)


Since its establishment in 2016, UGC Office of Wuxi United International School has successfully guided four cohorts of gradates to pursue their university dreams around the world.

UGC office carries out university guidance counseling based on the school mission statement, curriculum features, academic interest and strength of individual student. The university guidance starts from Grade 9 and continues all the way to the end of Grade 12. Students are fortunate to have regular UGC lessons, one-on-one student and parent meetings or multilateral meetings which involve subject teachers. Under individualized university guidance, students at WUIS will successfully complete university applications and get good offers.  

UGC teachers are also actively engaged in various aspects of students’ campus life, such as leading extra-curricular activities in person, supervising students’ self-study at night, constantly paying attention to students’ mental health, etc., striving to better understand students from different perspectives and provide more personalized university application guidance.

Our ultimate goal is to help every graduate of WUIS to get into the university that will enable him or her to achieve happiness and success.