The professional curriculum design in Wuxi United International School Affiliated Kindergarten  has the featurs of integrity and flexible framework.Two main subjects:

Common courses: The second-phase Shanghai new curriculum reform course, and Xiehe specialized subjects

Featured courses:  Cross-cultural activities, English

Basic Subjects

Shanghai Second Reformed Kindergarten Curriculum: Life, Sports, Study and Game

Expandable Subjects


Circle Time, Story Telling,

Friday Activities, Learning Diary,

Drawing Diary and Literacy Activities


Special Subjects

English, Cross-cultural activities




一、 SUIS PC(Pioneer Curriculum)

SUIS PC (Pioneer Curriculum) combines the best from Eastern and Western education and is approved and authorized by distinguished education experts and has been renowned for years for its reliable educational system.


二、Curriculum Targets

The integration of International curriculum and basic Chinese studies leads to a firmer foundation in education. In order to make this possible, attention is given to students ‘ character development, values education, socially acceptable moral views, personality development, strong foreign language ability, the spirit and ambition for innovation, a strong sense of Chinese culture participation in the boundless global village of the future. Graduates from SUIS PC (Pioneer Curriculum) can either pursue local secondary school education or choose our International Secondary Curriculum leading to a world class university.


三、Curriculum Overview

SUIS PC (Pioneer Curriculum) consists of basic, extensive, inquiry-based and featured curriculums.


Basic Curriculum—This core curriculum prescribed by Jiangsu Province solidifies the foundation of the Chinese and Math subjects. Currently, the English curriculum follows the assessment criteria from the English and Chinese National Curricula and focuses on developing students’ English ability in speaking, learning, reading and writing in both summative and formative evaluation. This English curriculum includes second language teaching and English Language Art teaching. WUIS pays great attention to native language and Chinese culture education while empowering WUIS students to become global citizens imbued with Chinese heritage and global-mindedness.


Extensive Curriculum—This section is composed of two parts. The first part is the extensive programme which is related to main subjects. The second part is the artistic and definite curricula which are developed after combing our school features. The Extensive Curriculum is set up in at the grade level: Western staff teaching English (Phonics, Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing); bilingual team-teaching in Music, PE, Art and Virtues Education. These curricula broaden our students’ learning and life experiences; provide them with more opportunities to reach Chinese and Western cultural atmosphere; allow them to practice creativity and multiplicity. All these aspects help our students to develop divergent thinking skills and understanding, appreciation and professional development through the Extensive Curriculum.


Inquiry Curriculum—This is a comprehensive and interdisciplinary curriculum where themes such as Science and Technology, Humanities and Environmental Protection are involved. Its content includes social practices, museum study, thematic research, etc. The Inquiry Curriculum is set up in each grade where students have Thematic Inquiry, Science and ICT lessons, etc.


Featured Curriculum—This refers to the characteristic content in the development process of school-based curriculum. Students can access various educational channels to further develop their knowledge and skills. This is mainly the extension part of school curriculum setting. Such examples include after school Art education, mastery workshops and club activities, which are all available for students to choose from.




SUIS EMW(East Meets West Curriculum Grades 7 – 8)

In our Grades 7 – 8 we have our own East Meets West Curriculum bringing together the best from international curricula and Chinese National curriculum. Our international subjects are all taught in English to enable our students to make fast progress in English language using subject specific vocabulary.  Subject specialists teach each individual subjects allowing for our students to extend their knowledge and skills in each subject discipline. By having both Chinese and English rigorous teaching, our students are bilingual and effective communicators in at least two languages. Our Head of Grade Teachers support and care for our students and help to develop independence needed for later stages of learning.

SUIS EMW  IGCSE Grades 9 and 10 – IB DP Grades 11 and 12

The IGCSE examinations from CIE (University of Cambridge International Examinations) are firmly established and well-known worldwide. They are the precursor subjects to university entrances programmes. They have wide recognition in such countries are the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The IGCSE courses are a good preparation to our final stage of education the International Baccalaureate Diploma and Certificate courses.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma is a broad based and challenging University Entrance Course. The two year course is assessed both internally with coursework and external assessment and examinations. It is the preferred university preparation qualification of the top universities world-wide.